Your Seafood Combo

Get your favorite seafood combos delivered every month! Select a package to be shipped on the first Thursday of every month, and we will deliver your seafood direct to your door in our specially-developed packaging designed to keep fish fresh! You will be rebilled for your subscription on the 1st of every month. You can login and change your selection before we bill you, or you can just stick with your favorites!

Basic Seafood Combinations

Salmon & Shrimp

Two-5oz portions of Fresh Scottish Salmon & 1lb of Fresh USA Gulf Shrimp

Halibut & Mussels

Two-5oz Portions of Fresh Atlantic Halibut & 2lb bag of Live PEI Mussels

Trout, Arctic Char & Clams

Four 7-9oz fillets of Fresh Rainbow Trout, Four-5oz portions of Fresh Icelandic Arctic Char & 2 dozen Live Topneck Clams

Red Snapper & Shrimp

Two 4-5oz fillets of Fresh American Red Snapper & 1lb of Fresh USA Gulf Shrimp