Select Your Monthly Fish Drop

Prefer to know what you're getting? Our Monthly Fish Drop delivers your choice of fresh (never frozen), sustainable seafood - direct to your door! Choose from Salmon, Halibut, Yellowfin Tuna, Rainbow Trout, Red Snapper, Tilapia, or Oysters. You may log in to change your seafood selection whenever you like. Your seafood arrives on the 1st Thursday of the month, in biodegradable packaging designed to keep your fish fresh AND protect our planet. Shipping is a flat $12.95 per delivery with this program, and if you're traveling, you can pause your subscription any time.


Get four 5oz portions of salmon each month. Our premium salmon are raised in the pristine waters of the Faroe Islands, and it shows in the vibrant color and rich flavor of the fish.


Get four 5oz portions of wild Atlantic halibut each month. With a firm texture that won't fall apart and a mildly sweet flavor, halibut is a great choice for baking, broiling, and grilling.


Get two 5oz portions of wild #1 yellowfin tuna (also known as ahi) delivered each month. Grade #1 indicates the highest quality, and is also known as sushi or sashimi grade.

Red Snapper

Get two 4-5oz portions of wild American red snapper each month. Named for its brilliant red hue, you'll love the mild, nutty flavor of this fish.


Get four 7oz portions of tilapia each month. Our ASC-certified tilapia are raised in the pristine lakes of Central America, and swim against natural currents. The delicate, clean flavor of our tilapia makes it a crowd pleaser, particularly for families with kids.

Rainbow Trout

Get four 7-9oz portions of rainbow trout delivered each month. Our rainbow trout are raised in the scenic waters of the Snake River Canyon, and have a lightly nutty flavor that shines with a bit of butter and fresh herbs.

Oyster of the Month

Get two dozen fresh oysters delivered each month. If you are an oyster lover, this is the perfect way to try new varieties, and explore the "merroir" of different waterways around the country.