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Toadfish - Put ‘Em Back Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth


Toadfish, master crafts of the world’s finest seafood tools, have created a safer, more stylish way to open oysters, making this a must in every seafood lover’s kitchen. With a cut-proof, puncture-resistant, anti-microbial cloth designed specifically for opening shellfish, the days of entertaining with oysters and a pile of old dirty rags or clunky old garden gloves for your guests are over. Machine washable. Durable enough to hold up to many oyster seasons to come. So let's reduce our waste, save our fingers from oyster cuts, and PUT 'EM BACK. Cut-proof, puncture-resistant cloth designed for safer opening of shellfish. Replaces gloves and disposable towels. Anti-microbial, machine washable, open oysters safely and in style. Dimensions: 12" x 9".