Meet the Experts at Fulton Fish Market

We may be a bit biased, but Fulton Fish Market is the world's best seafood market, bar none. For nearly 200 years, this cooperative of several dozen family-run seafood companies has served the freshest and most diverse selection of seafood imaginable. Located in Hunts Point, NYC, the market receives an abundance of wild and domestic catch, from the best regulated waters in the world. Now that bounty is accessible to you. We deliver seafood trusted by the world's chefs and restaurants, directly to your door. Even better, we do it on a subscription schedule of your choice, and you can pause or cancel your subcription at any time. Warning: you may never be able to go back to supermarket fish again!

From Dock to Your Door

In the wee hours of the morning, our fishmongers purchase the freshest seafood available at Fulton Fish Market, known fondly as the nation's stock market for seafood. We only purchase what we need for our orders. This allows us to reduce waste, and ensures that we are getting product that is at peak quality. We then hand-cut everything in-house. That includes your personal order and orders to 5-star restaurants! 

After that, your seafood is shipped in our biodegradeable packaging, so you can enjoy fish in your home the way it was meant to be—100% fresh and never frozen. 

Happy as a Clam

With seafood this good, we're confident that you'll love your first Fulton seafood box. All that's left to do is to cook your fish, and impress your family and friends with how flavorful it is. To provide some inspiration, we'll also be sending recipes to guide you. And if you'd like to share your photos, please tag us @fultonfishmarket on social media!