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Our Neighborhood Fish Drop delivers seafood to a location near you, where you can pick it up. Your Fish Drop subscription includes two 8oz fillets of fresh (never frozen), wild, US-landed, and sustainably caught seafood, curated from the best catch of the day at the Fulton Fish Market. If you'd like more fish, you can order additional seafood from our Add-Ons Menu, and it will be available for pick-up along with your regular Fish Drop.

This is a great way to support American fisheries, and you'll discover a new fish every week! Past drops have included Hake, Cod, Spanish Mackerel, Swordfish, and Golden Tilefish. In addition, if you're traveling, you can pause your subscription any time. 

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Fish Drop Locations

We currently have pick-up locations in the following areas.

NYC: LES | Clinton Hill | Bay Ridge

Chicago: Crystal Lake | La Grange | Glen Ellyn

Olive Tap (Crystal Lake, IL), one of our many long-time Neighborhood Fish Drop partners

Can I start a Neighborhood Fish Drop near me?

If you'd like to start a Neighborhood Fish Drop in your community, we're happy to help! Please email and let us know if you have a local business partner in mind who we could contact. We've had success with specialty grocers (that don't carry seafood), wine shops, offices, and libraries. However, any publicly accessible location with staff on-site and refrigeration would work. We would need a minimum of 5 sign-ups to launch.

I manage a business, can I become a Neighborhood Fish Drop partner?

Yes! If you are looking to boost foot traffic, build relationships with returning customers, and offer a complementary product to seafood, you would be a great fit for the Neighborhood Fish Drop program. Email, and we will get you set up.