Journey to Japan

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Photo does not include kanpachi (1.25 lb fillet)

Were your vacation plans scuttled due to the pandemic? We miss traveling a lot, but we can bring a taste of Tokyo to you! Our Journey to Japan box features our Hawaiian-raised Kanpachi and our Japanese Hamachi. If you're not familiar, these fish are members of the amberjack family, prized by chefs for  clean, sweet flavors and firm textures, perfect for sushi and sashimi. You'll also get our premium Faroe Islands Salmon, wild Ahi #1 Tuna, and wild Salmon Roe (ikura), which "pops" with the flavor of the sea. This is a wonderful gift for adventurous home cooks and globetrotters!


Kanpachi fillet (1.25 lb) | Hamachi fillet (2.5 lb, comes with collar!) | Two 6 oz portions Faroe Islands Salmon | Two 6 oz portions Ahi #1 Tuna | Salmon Roe (2 oz)

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