Journey to Japan

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Photo: Blue Ocean Mariculture

Were your vacation plans scuttled this year due to the pandemic? We miss traveling a lot, but we can bring a taste of Tokyo to you! Our Journey to Japan box features our Hawaiian-raised Kanpachi. If you're not familiar, Kanpachi is a member of the amberjack family, prized by chefs for its clean, sweet flavor and firm texture, perfect for sushi and sashimi. You'll also get wild grade A West Coast Uni Roe (sea urchin), our premium Bakkafrost Salmon, wild Ahi #1 Tuna, and wild Salmon Roe (ikura), which "pops" with the flavor of the sea. This is a wonderful gift for adventurous home cooks and globetrotters!


Kanpachi fillet (1.25 lb) | Sea Urchin (100g) | Four 6 oz portions Kvarøy Arctic Salmon | Two 6 oz portions Ahi #1 Tuna | Salmon Roe (2 oz)

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