Peek Into Our Shipping Magic

We offer FREE nationwide shipping for fresh (never frozen!) seafood

Start with Great Seafood

We start with incredibly fresh seafood from Fulton Fish Market - the largest seafood aggregation point in the Western Hemisphere. Not everyone can say that!

Vacuum Pack and Seal in the Freshness

All of our products are packed and vacuum sealed in a breathable film that extends the shelf life. This means your seafood arrives in tip-top condition, a win-win!

Custom Designed Ecofriendly Packaging

Not only does our packaging ensure your seafood arrives in peak condition, it is also almost entirely biodegradable or recyclable. Our insulated liners are made from 100% recycled denim & cotton, and when removed from the plastic shell, quickly biodegrade. Our gel packs are reusable, and the frozen gel itself is biodegradable!