Fulton Faves, Selected by You

Want the comfort of knowing exactly what's in your seafood box every time? Our Fulton Faves include our most popular hits, perfect for when you've fallen in love with a particular fish!   If you prefer a box where Fulton curates the fish for you, please check out these boxes

You may add-on items to customize your box. FREE shipping is included, and you can cancel, pause, or switch to another subscription box any time.

Salmon, Shrimp & Scallops | Most Popular


Tuna, Halibut & Salmon | Our Favorites


Fat Is Flavor | Decadent & Healthy


Wild Alaskan | Sustainable & Frozen

$99.95 - 199.95

Seafood Party Box | Best Dinner Party Ever


Salmon Spectacular | For Salmon Fanatics


Salmon & Cod | For Small Households