Fat Is Flavor

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* Box contents have been updated since this photo was taken to include Spanish mackerel fillet and head-off whole butterfish

Calling on anyone who loves robustly flavored fish and is looking to boost the healthy protein, fats, and omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, this box is for you! While most seafood is lean, these items have been curated to be high in healthy fats, and do NOT skimp on flavor. You'll get both deboned portions and whole fish, suitable for a wide range of preparations. This is a perfect choice for those on a ketogenic, paleo, or whole 30 diet, or anyone who just wants to feel their best without compromising on delicious meals.

4 salmon portions (6 oz) | 4 rainbow trout portions (5 oz) | 4 arctic char portions (6 oz)

1 Spanish mackerel fillet (12.5 oz) | 1 lb whole head-off butterfish (3-4 fish per lb)

$129.95 |  14 portions + 1 lb whole fish

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