Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want to know more! Here's where you can get all your questions answered.

Where does The Fish Drop fish come from?

From the minds behind the iconic, The Fish Drop gives you access to the freshness and quality that has come to be expected from the largest seafood market in the western hemisphere.

Whether you choose your own seafood or subscribe to our Neighborhood Fish Drop program, it all starts the same way.

Our buyers purchase the freshest seafood available in the Fulton Fish Market, known fondly as the New York Stock Exchange of seafood. We only purchase what we need for our orders. This allows us to reduce waste, and ensure that each night we are getting the freshest product coming into the market. We then hand-cut the product in house for each order.

We package the product in our innovative packaging that enables us to ship our products to you, so you can enjoy fish in your home the way it was meant to be! 100% fresh and never frozen.

Will my fish be frozen?

Our Fish is NEVER frozen (unlike other subscription and delivery services). We purchase the freshest seafood available, and our expert fillet team hand cut all of our products. It then gets packaged in our special packaging that allows it to remain fresh while it is in transit to you.

How will my fish be delivered?

We pack our seafood in a package that contains two servings of each type of seafood that you select. We then pack it in our 100% bio-degradable and recyclable packaging. We only use food safe gel packs (no dry ice here), which keeps the seafood cold, without the risk of freezing. When your package arrives you can make it right away, or stick it in your refrigerator to cook later.  

What's the Neighborhood Fish Drop?

The Neighborhood Fish Drop delivers a share of seafood to a location near you once per week on a specific day and time, where you can pick it up. As part of this program, you will receive two 8oz portions of the freshest, sustainable seafood available in the Fulton Fish Market, specially selected by our on-staff chefs. This guarantees you get fresh, sustainable seafood in your community while supporting the local business hosting the Neighborhood Fish Drop. Shipping is always free with this program.

How do I make changes to my account?

Making changes to your account is easy. Login to your account and you can change your payment method details, shipping details, and preferences related to your subscription.

I'm not going to be home for a few days, can I pause my subscription?

You can pause at any time for any reason! You are in FULL CONTROL.

How Do I Contact You?

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to check out our contact us page. We love hearing from our customers.

Where's all the legal stuff?

Don't worry, we did not forget the legal stuff... the lawyers wouldn't let us! Check out our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.