Seafood Boxes, Curated by Fulton

Receive fresh fish in every box, curated from the best catch of the day at Fulton Fish Market. We'll also send digital recipes and cooking tips to make dinner a snap. If you prefer a box where you pre-select the fish, please check out these boxes.

You may add-on items to customize your box. FREE shipping is included, and you can cancel, pause, or switch to another subscription box any time

Freshest Picks (Finfish Only)

8 portions Finfish (2 types)


Freshest Picks (Finfish & Shellfish)

4 portions Finfish (2 types) + 1 lb Shrimp or Scallops


Mostly Shellfish

2 portions Finfish + 1 lb Shrimp or Scallops + 1 Shellfish of the Week


New: East & West Coast Oyster Box

2 or 4 dz oysters | For the bivalve curious

$89.95 - $119.95

Just For Me & You (Finfish Only)

4 portions Finfish (2 types)


Just For Me & You (Finfish & Shellfish)

2 portions Finfish + 1 lb Shrimp or Scallops


New: Whole Fish Box

1-2 whole fish | 3-4 lbs total